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Self drive car hire essential five-step

First step: understanding the car rent procedures are
Car rental car rental first before an understanding of the procedures, usually have drivers of rental cars Hukou, the car rent procedures are relatively simple, as long as the provision of identity cards, driver's license, the family of the original accounts, signed the lease contract, the deposit can be set on. Deposit based on rental fee per day, minimum 3 days.
If renting a car other than the account addition to original of ID cards, driver's licenses, and also to provide no less than the rental value of economic security. Meanwhile, you also need to have guaranteed rental cars Hukou residents, the guarantor's ID card, driver's license and the family of the original accounts should also be provided.
Second step: choosing the right vehicle
After knowing the car rent procedures are optional. Should know about leasing models to choose from, and the condition of the company, to determine whether it for their own needs. Of course, also need to consult the company's lease forms, deposit, rent and required documents, and so on.
When choosing a car, from car rental based on the use of. Travel best choice of spacious, comfortable models. Poor road conditions or to explore if you travel, you'd want to choose a car with off-road performance. If it is a business, you have to select luxury cars. If only the city or the surrounding vehicles, like Alto, flyer, Beverly hatchback is a good choice.
The third step: signing
Choose a car, to sign a complete rental contract, just in case. There are some considerations when signing up be sure to remember: to understand the limits of vehicle-kilometres and overrun after charging standard. General car 24 hours a day, limit 200 km to billing.
If the lease expires does not deliver the vehicle, with an average price per day 12 hour plus liquidated damages by the hour. Distance range, km price to rent charge. While overtime, extra when calculated according to the highest bidder. A case study in Poussin overtime plus 10 yuan per hour, extra charge 0.75 Yuan per kilometer.

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