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Car rental company was ownership transfer

Now some people have bought the car, to the car rental company, charged their regular dividends. Lantian County, MA is not so good luck, she handed the car rental company, is now not only the company can not find it, even my own car somehow transfer.
Ma said that 5 years ago she bought a Changhe plough car, Zhiqiang car leasing contract to XI ' an seven-branch operations, agreement contract cost 30,000 yuan a year.
The parties MA: this year when accounts don't end up slowly, I find lease company owner, leasing company bosses said the recent find customers, who came back after I send the money to you.
Soon after, Mary wanted his car back, and violation records found on the Internet, the owner is not her name. She hurried to find Zhiqiang, car rental companies, company's Office had already been replaced by another company.
MA: this House the people?
The other side: I don't know.
MA: When did you move in?
The other side: in September this year.
My car is gone, leasing companies are also missing, MA with formalities such as vehicle certificates of title XI ' an city DMV query.
DMV license Hall staff in XI: May 10, 2007 accepted. The window we are 2007 national day holiday on October 6 to sit here.
MA: you found me to entertain people?
The staff failed to transfer procedures of the parties seek to handle, but XI DMV records science official said, they are in accordance with related regulations of vehicle ownership, why this is the case they will be serious investigations. Ma was informed that according to China's regulation on the implementation of the road traffic safety law, application for transfer of motor vehicle registration, the party concerned shall submit to the traffic control Department of motor vehicles, and submit the certificate of the identity of the party; transfer of ownership of motor vehicle certificates, vouchers; vehicle registration certificate; motor vehicle driving license.
The parties MA: car ownership must have the owner's identity and signature, I didn't go, I have not signed, property titles and purchase invoices in my hand do all around, and then posted, I also don't know how the DMV.

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