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, Car leasing: the car rental is leasing of private acts, a typical phenomenon is in size forums, websites often see car rental (some can also drive) advertising, especially during the holidays, rental companies to rent suitable vehicle, many people simply trading over the Internet. It goes without saying that the private car rental deals, there are many security risks.
Cheap rental cars, this is the biggest attraction such rental. "Good spot" is of course a good thing, but if there is a problem, whether it is for both drivers and private car owners will have some trouble. And private operation is illegal, once it is found that customers would be severely punished. On the claim, most of the car insurance coverage is not complete, many only when customers pay. Therefore, the safety factor of this form of car rental is low.
Second, irregular management of small car rental company: various car rental companies in major cities all over the country, some economically developed County car rental companies. In fact, car rental businesses must be provided with a solid financial basis will it be possible to improve the quality of services. From the point of view of administrative examination and approval, and car rental, lower trade barriers, many households in individual form of car rental activities, its small scale, low management and risk resistance capacity. On one hand, operators can't safely be rent out vehicles, leading to the car rent procedures are complex. The other hand, when consumer car rental, the rental price is reasonable, after-sales service system is also under suspicion.
Such small rental companies another security risk is that, due to their small size, lack of sources causes some taxi come by private car owners affiliated. Consumers from the rental company car rental shall pay a deposit of 3000 to 5000 Yuan, certain private rental companies even rent a car who driving and no violations were not low threshold is set. Meanwhile, private call if rented vehicle, when a car accident claims handling, there will be trouble.
Third, the national chain of car rental companies: national car rental chain in recent years, the development of a new model of industry chain enterprises the most important feature of services is a comprehensive, well-managed, and process integration. National chain of car rental companies generally in the rental according to the different models and charge a premium for rental car customers to use protection.
After the accident the insurance company will bear the losses of about 80%. And in accidents during the trailers, repairs,, most of them borne by insurance companies, leasing companies and car rental losses are not too big. In case of small accidents, car rental companies will generally choose 4S shop fixing cars, one is the repair quality is guaranteed, and second parts price is fair and reasonable.
In addition, the formal lease each car company has the license for road transport operators, the car brand is indicated on the card and photo. So, in front of the car on the road, be sure to check out this card. In addition, onboard should be checked for other procedures, including insurance, tolls, travel card, insurance card, etc.

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