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Out how to car rental to save money

One: become a member if you often rent a car trip, and are unwilling to pay the high rental deposit, become a member of the car rental company is the best choice, in addition to the free deposit, also won a number of concessions services, including rental, free home delivery, membership rewards. Become members of the car rental companies pay hundreds of Yuan admission fee and each year dozens of annual fees. Although some companies to attract customers to launch free membership, but it contains very limited services, including no deposit free this one and only pay the corresponding contributions become the "Silver" or "gold" members can enjoy the best service.
Two: using a credit card a deposit a certain amount of international credit card is a prerequisite for overseas car rental, rental cars are usually not required to pay high deposit in a foreign country. At home, most of the car rental companies accept credit cards, cardholders are exempt from deposit is still relatively small, but pay a deposit with a credit card are still avoiding the inconvenience of large cash transactions. In addition, the credit card holder will be more likely to rent a car, car rental procedures easier, because when examining and issuing bank credit card customer, a customer's credit information, economic strength has been confirmed verified, thus greatly reduce the risk of damage to car rental companies
Three: book in advance all the regular car rental companies offer a free booking service, cancel the reservation is usually not cost. Domestic car rental rental more fixed, advance benefits primarily ensure the right car in rental season rent on time. Foreign car rental companies will rent adjustments according to the automotive supply and demand, book your car even if the car retail price rises ahead, car rental companies will follow the price when booking fees, if when you pick up the car at that price even cheaper than booking, you can also price request to the car rental company, they would be taken into account. Many car rental companies have introduced for holders of international credit card booking service car outside of domestic tourists.
Four: make refueling the rental amount does not include gasoline, although the car rental company on the car before the lease is up, but if you're using consumption per litre are required during the vehicle purchase. Car rental companies at present General fee payment methods there are three kinds: one is the car itself will fill up the tank; the second is will not fill up the drive back to the rental company store, and pay the fuel costs that are not part; the third is a whole barrel of oil money in advance before using vehicles. Here choose the first method. Because the second way car rental companies in addition to money or additional service fee of the gasoline itself, while the third way or the car rental company may charge a service fee, and few in the car just out of a barrel of oil, left in unused parts of the gasoline in the tank, car rental companies were not returned. V: the use of company car rental company with civil aviation, credit cards, close to hotels and other tourism-related businesses. Proof of your cooperation with these companies in the car rental customer relationship (to produce credit cards, membership cards, discount codes, discount codes, and so on) can enjoy car rental discount, long for airline and hotel visitors can accumulate bonus points corresponding to the rental car mileage. You frequently use its services may also be airline, hotel and credit card institutions considered, by querying the rental company's official website or telephone consultation confirmed the car rental partner for the latest lists and related offers.

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