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Car rental in common four kinds of traps

Trap: to keep the condition from customers. For a normal operation of the rental car companies, regardless of the offer of rental cars is a new car or a used car, are supposed to be in good condition, this is a basic professional ethics and requirements. But some leasing companies to save on operating costs, reduce vehicle maintenance, protection, even if there is not willing to pay the maintenance problems, that cause the condition itself is bad, but at the time of rental to customers deliberately hide the condition, which not only increases the risk of driving, even though fortunately without incident, and car rental companies also find problems when you deduct money. Customers in the rental must be carefully checked when the car, don't let any little details, questions must be raised, and written contracts.
Pitfall II: find excuses to change. For some tastes and needs, some customers on the phone an appointment or make an appointment ahead of time will specify models, car rental companies in order to attract business, usually promised. Even if promised, does not mean you can do it, and sometimes their vehicles at the same time the economic interests will undertake several people, first-come, first-served, latecomers will be very depressed, or only accept them with other types of vehicles, or temporary for the car rental company, such costs are high. Especially when at the peak of holiday wedding, wedding car hire, this is usually the case, in order to ensure their own interests, best car rental contract in advance, specifying vehicles and provides for liquidated damages.
Traps three: Interior health does not qualify. As a rental car, as we all know, being used by different people for a long time, sanitary conditions are often not very good inside the vehicle. Outside of the car rental company to make cars look more glamorous and better rental car looks clean, but for interiors, are muddling along, just by looking at the past can, such as regular cleaning and disinfection on a free, after all, that requires a lot of operating costs. Car rental car rental time not only to look at the car's appearance, more depends on the car's internal health, if not qualified, then, be sure to request car hire companies to do cleaning and sanitizing maintenance on the spot so you can drive more at ease, more hygienic.
Trap IV: the insurance is not complete, no standard of compensation. Days has accidents cloud, although we are hope driving Bon voyage, but who also cannot expected and completely put an end to various accident of occurred, once appeared such of situation, insurance on will displayed it active of role, most private with car are has more full and complete of insurance, but some car rental company to save money, insurance Shang have not full, out accident Hou problem many, so in car rental zhiqian must to seriously asked clear vehicles has Shang of insurance, insurance not full of car best don't rent, as words except accident no guarantees. Uninsured vehicle, both vehicles damaged in the accident and the loss of personal health, there is no detailed and specific criteria, which is extremely harmful for drivers, must try to avoid such things from happening, even in cases of car rental insurance failure, but also in respect of all details on the contract.
Whether it is a wedding or a business, renting is common, is a realistic option, but in the process of renting, in order to better ensure that the lessee's rights must be in the condition inspection, rental contract carefully, don't some of the traps was cheated by car rental companies, that would generate a great deal of risk and loss.

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