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Holiday car rental car rental 5 principles

More and more people like to holiday in the holiday rental. However, many people don't understand the car rental industry, does not know how to get a good car, believes the following car rental introduced five principles to our car rental were some help.
First of all, individual car rental to be issued by the original ID card, residence booklet, a driver's license. In the rental of luxury cars. Just to provide ID card, because car rental companies are also providing a driver, specialist is responsible for the rent-a-car driving, maintenance and custody of the vehicle and so on.
Second, understand the limits of car mileage and beyond the limited number of accounting standards. Luxury cars in General should be within 150 km of mileage, fail to return the car, should also seriously about renewal requirements and the accounting provisions of the lease timeout to avoid disputes with leasing companies. But there are many rental companies is not limited to mileage, according to trucks, rentals, services, and so on, weighed the respective general conditions.
Third, commitment to carefully understand the rental company to fully enjoy their entitled rights.
Finally, filling in when the vehicle must be taken seriously, because it is both found that the condition of the text ... First visually inspect the vehicle, such as a body has no scratches, headlights are complete, locks are normal, and then open the hood and check coolant, oil, battery status, and finally into the cab to check health meters, brakes, air conditioning, test drive, judging the basic condition of the vehicle. For some of the special features and usage models, should be clear to the leasing company, in order to facilitate more convenient use.
V, in order to prevent holiday rent or rents arise, plan determined in advance to use the car to the car rental company offers.

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