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When washing your car usually need to pay attention to what

After the winter, the weather is gradually getting colder, car rental companies professional car wash in cold weather here to remind everyone needs to pay attention to some details, let alone can make your car better novel, are better maintained.
Car after car runs
Shop down the street car wash is usually just wipe the surface of the water again, so many water residue on the door, door locks, handles and other parts. Winter weather is cold, especially at night, freezing is very natural. So, you are best advised to car washes to the computer because computer car washer drying procedures, body crevice residual drops of water can be dried, plus artificial dry step, dry body no longer frozen, but the more expensive computer car.
If you are reluctant to spend a lot of money for a computer car, tells you another method is to shop on the street after a car wash, don't Park the car, driving a car, make it on the road for some time, in this way, driving the car, door water droplets that remain will fall out. In addition, the driving process, you can turn on the air conditioner, it is a good dry doors, Windows and other parts of the residual water ice greatly reduces the chances.
Lock freeze dryer to blow
Sometimes the car's doors and Windows have been frozen, then what? Don't worry, let me tell you, for freeze lock the vehicle, do not forcibly twist the key, it only will twist off the keys, the easiest way is to find a hair dryer blowing on Keyhole, it doesn't take two minutes lock can be opened. If is residual water ice frozen at the door of the car, causing the doors will not open, you can use more hot water freezes, but opened the door to immediately wipe all residual water, otherwise the door will bear on thicker ice. If Windows freezes, you can adjust the air conditioning heater, temperature rise inside the bus and then try to open the window, so you can avoid damaging the plastic parts such as rubber.
Body with pure cotton a shine
Some drivers like to wash the car, wash it, as far as possible each parts are dipped into the water body, can wash away dirt, on the other hand, for the adhesion of dust can also be softened in water, scrubbing the steps at the back, it can save a lot of effort. When the flush, do not use cloth to avoid friction dust and scratch the body.
Many of us just with a piece of dry cloth to wipe it, in fact, this is not right, you know, body paint is a very fragile thing, and will not bear any hard object rubbing cloth cotton content in the higher, more flexible, less the damage caused by it. Now on the market have a special cloth, you can buy ready-made. About saving money can be replaced by cotton. After the body dry, you can also purchase things such as glass cleaner, tire wax, to dress up your car.

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