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New car maintenance of seven three-point maintenance

New car maintenance of seven three-point maintenance, after spring, we'd better clean your air conditioning system, so that after the air conditioning system is clean, natural ventilation does not smell appeared.
Cleaning the body
After a long spring. This time, we can have a thorough cleaning of the car so that corrosion chemicals to the body surface.
In addition, Cheng Xiansheng told everyone, it is best to go to a regular 4S shop for maintenance and repairs, parts provided in the 4S shop the shop most of the time our car can also be maintained to achieve the best results. And because of the Chinese new year more people to buy a car, the novice is also very much, Cheng Xiansheng novice here to tell some new car break-in period needed to pay attention to some:
10-300km for the first phase, mainly running tires and drive systems, this stage is not to bad speed on roads not too high. "Avoid loaded with"
2300-1000km for phase II: mainly running chassis and parts, variable speed drives, do not explode belatedly stopped.
31000-2000km: mainly running engine, may be appropriate to increase speed, check that the engine oil is normal every day, there is no leakage "good habits to stay"
Do, don't forget, both former period running checks, is also a prerequisite for warranty 2000-5000km for fourth stage, many people think that finished the first run is over, but not stable oil film is formed on the surface of the engine, also needed attention. Manufacturers recommend oil changes using special oil for the first time on the trip. In short to ground, ground, ground, lean soft cream punch.
For dust, and many owners do not pay attention to. And it is these owners did not pay attention to dust let car lost its luster, so after we have to clean up the body.

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