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Service guidelines
Integrity and commitment
A: our in-service drivers and 17 seats of the chauffeur-driven vehicles have more than 8 years. The drivers were holding a certificate, A2 above driver's license, health card. Professional training certificate.
Second: our working drivers, 17 more than the chauffeur-driven vehicles more than 10 years. The drivers were holding a certificate, A1 above driver's license, health card. Professional training certificate.
III: based on people-oriented advanced concepts, all our vehicles with first car rental, cruise and sightseeing trips, may be represented by our full-time driver paid all expenses (tolls + parking + accommodation costs) and to avoid customers carry a large amount of cash when they go out, bring insecure factors.
Four: customers after the end of the car you just need to sign a car rental confirmation, we can according to your wishes, in accordance with your specified date door-to-door collecting rent.
Five: we design for high-end customers can implement quality month rent and the quarterly rent.
1, drivers must be neatly dressed, elegant language, does not have long hair, beards, do not speak against the company's image.
2, the pilot must follow the company schedule arrange, shunting system in strict implementation of the company's business.
3, when pilots received no business car, should conscientiously do vehicle maintenance and cleaning work, keeping the vehicle clean, such as found in vehicle fault should be promptly reported to the company, timely repair, must be kept well out of State.
4, after the pilot received a company car, you must arrive at the customer designated location, do a good job getting ready for a trip.
5, the driver must be polite to customers in the vehicle operating, guests on the train, said: "Hello", get off saying "Goodbye". When the destination is reached, must also remind you that you do not forget to carry goods, passengers must check whether there is any passenger found items, such as found in article shall timely inform passengers or turned over to the company, shall not ask others items.
6, drivers are not allowed to smoke on the way, Midway may not drink on arrival shall not ask guests for tips.
7, the driver receives the company deployed the day before should not be drinking, staying up late for a long time, must be getting plenty of sleep and a good state of mind, avoid driving tired.
8, the driver must provide a safe, comfortable, warm environment.
During the rental period the lessee, vehicle anomalies or malfunctions should stop driving them immediately, and notify the leasing company. Leasing company shall comply with the instructions. Due to an irresistible disaster caused by loss of the leased vehicle, the lessee shall immediately notify leasing companies and cars sent to the designated repair shop.
During the lease period, the lessee for proper operation and maintenance. In front of the car, must be examined such as engine oil, brake oil, condensate, and lights, tire pressure, and if problems are found, must feed speed center designated repair maintenance, or face the consequences. During the rental period the lessee, have an obligation to keep the well, using rented cars and related documents, keeping the body clean until returned to the leasing company so far. If lost should immediately inform the rental company and the relevant departments.
1, attention must not drink before driving
2, a long drive up to no more than 5 hours, you can listen to some music while driving in order to avoid fatigue
3, driving in the rain to take extra care to remain as constant as possible, do not slam on the brakes to avoid a skid
Driving MS 4, do not wear high heels or high shoes preferably with flat
5, night driving lights please, pay attention to safety
6, out the Prosecutor's brakes and steering systems, ensure a safe journey.

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