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Car rental companies to be cautious when in the wrong car crime

Beijing evening news in order to preventing the illegal use of rental vehicle crime, with immediate effect, Beijing municipal public traffic police station on the city's 236 car rental company installing the latest controlled devices. According to reports, in accordance with the provisions in the future, car to identify to customers the second-generation ID card, and camera monitoring, "this is the car rental industry to prevent illegal criminals first pass of car crime. "Yesterday, reporters in Beijing Road, a car-rental company, customers are subject to the second generation ID card recognition, and my face is entered into the system, car rental person ID number and photo with my face looks after the match, in the case of no bad record, the leasing company before and the rental formalities. So, what is bad record? Beijing City Public Security Bureau bus police branch a head explained said, has several situation will will has bad records: late not returned vehicles of; damage vehicles Hou will car discarded escape of; a people while in more than rental company car rental of; traffic illegal Hou not for processing, also not told rental company of, these people will was into "blacklist", "future in Beijing any rental company are cannot rent to car. "At present, the Beijing Public Security Bureau is the city's 236 rental car companies to install the latest controlled devices. This equipment can effectively and accurately identify the ID, greater rent a car crime prevention of cases. BACK

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