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Analysis to explain enterprise car rental

With recently this years, increasingly more of foreign company and private company in vehicles aspects select Shanghai car rental company to provides related vehicles service, car rental company not only provides professional of service more can provides professional of driver personnel, more is for car rental party tailored build for car rental platform, let car rental party from car by brings all troubles, Shanghai meeting pass car rental company for enterprise customer provides full of car rental solution programme, from long rent to short rent, to driver management, and maintenance maintenance, and vehicles replaced, and insurance, service, Ying Hai car rental make every effort to resolve all the problems of your car rental to meet your car rental needs;
Enterprise car rental is the spirit of "reduction in vehicle cost and personnel management costs, controlling fiscal expenditures, guarantee business work, improve efficiency, eliminate the phenomenon of cars for private purposes" purposes, by reforming the current system, and gradually realize the company car market established their own actual operating situation of the car system.
Enterprise reform and employment reform refers to guaranteed to increase productivity, promote business development, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff working under the premise of slowing business car configurations, reducing the costs of official cars vehicle management system improvements and additions.
The benefits of enterprise reform: corporate bus "buying to rent" three benefits
1. rent a car rent is fixed, to avoid corporate budget ups and downs, does not appear in the phenomenon of the sudden increase in year budget for the purchase of a new car;
2. cost control, simply pay the rental fee and gasoline costs, eliminating the need for vehicle maintenance, insurance and other costs;
3. can reduce the number of vehicle personnel, improve work efficiency, create intangible value. BACK

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