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2012 Spring Festival next month will enter the operation period

Reported on January 8, 2012 2012 spring operation-February 16, time was very fast, came home from last year to now one years quietly from their side lost.
2012 a 40-day Spring Festival travel season from January 8 to February 16. Due to the Spring Festival early this year, new year's passengers may have to wait until spring, so before the flow is relatively concentrated.
Demand for road transport when the bus would be particularly nervous because bus travel will take about 10 days before and after entering the station, Spring Festival transportation period is 60 days.
A 45-seat buses run spring to remove all cost a car every day of net profits to 3500-4000 Yuan, due to the profit-driven, commercial vehicles and transportation buses is difficult to get a car.
Spring Festival has always been worried about Chinese people's nerves, there are many migrant friends and went to different places at this time will return to their hometown to see in his hometown of old parents, here, homesickness is not from the heart. Thoughts of parents was doubled. I did give up a lot in order to work and career. BACK

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