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Double Weihai rental business warming years ago will be in the second half of "blowout"

His relatives during the Spring Festival, and if there's a car will save a lot of trouble. On December 27, the reporter in the interview that, Weihai city, Shandong province during the Chinese new year car rental business is heating up, car rental according to the different models, the minimum rent of 150 Yuan, up to 450 Yuan, roughly the same with last year.
Years ago, is now in the second half of "blowout"
"We have 30 family cars available for private hire, there are 7 customers by phone to make a reservation. "The morning of 27th, reporters came to the area when a car rental company in Weihai city, General Manager Wang Xuefeng is answering calls from customers.
Wang Xuefeng said that recently, more and more customers want to rent for the new year, he received a lot of calls every day. According to Wang Xuefeng introduction, he has run car rental company for four years, Spring Festival can rental cars with affordable cars, a total of more than 20 models of 30 vehicles. "It is premature to car rental season, Lunar only occurs after 20 ' blowout ' phenomenon. "Wang Xuefeng said that based on past experience, this year car rental season will appear in about half a month before the Spring Festival.
Dou Jiqiang, Weihai is a car rental, the General Manager, he told reporters that the company car rental business is not a lot, they have now accepted the book of 5 customers. Dou Jiqiang says, the real season will appear in about half a month before the Spring Festival.
Subsequently, the reporter learned from shichang road, a car rental company on, they accepted the reservation of 3 customers, many car hasn't been back, they are going all out preparing for the upcoming reservations peak.
Rental prices have not yet raised
Even though oil prices, vehicle maintenance and other costs are rising, but reporters in the interview that, car rental prices do not appear this year, Weihai city like Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other big-city prices rose sharply, but remain at the usual price, and basically no change compared to last year.
Over the past year, Weihai this year increased ten cars in a car rental company, most of the used car is open for three or four years, also adds a lot of high-end brand vehicles, car quality has improved significantly. "According to the different models, our daily rates range between 150 to 350 Yuan, including insurance costs. "Wang Xuefeng said that if the first, second and third day of the first month in Lunar calendar order, also need to be increased in price 20% now cost, long term car rental cheaper.
Wang Xuefeng said he has asked a friend in Beijing asking rental prices, minimum daily rental price is 350, this does not include insurance charges. Weihai and Beijing car rental prices, low starting price 200 Yuan.
Dou Jiqiang said that at present, the company has 15 cars outside rentals, vehicle daily rental price from 150 to 450 Yuan, same as the weekday price, and no change on the previous year.
High portion of a car rental company officials said their company car rental price of 150 Yuan to 400 Yuan, which is usually the price of renting, and flat over the same period last year.
Cumbersome violation plus
In order to facilitate customer inquiries, many rental car companies have set up their own Web sites, simply introducing the rental process: tenant eligibility application, fill out a rental car contact tables, inspection car rental, payment, sign a lease contract, on the grid. Throughout the rental process simple and quick, it turns out, vehicle mileage, time, security deposit and other aspects of "the box" did a lot.
5 rental car companies in the interview, staff members have raised similar rent a car the first condition: the driver must hold a valid driver's license, driving category consistent with the rental of vehicles, driving experience must be more than a year, the need to carry an ID card. Deposit, according to the different models, prices from 3000 to 5000 Yuan.
Reporters learned that car rental companies rent prices are not over 200 kilometers a day, if you exceed the mileage, also according to the different models plus a fee. Dou Jiqiang said that in accordance with the provisions of the company, hired their company vehicle, limit 200 km a day (today), if over one kilometer will charge 1 Yuan, and for each additional hour according to car model. Other car rental companies have the same requirements.
"Now we have not received less than 7 days of car rental business. "Dou Jiqiang, in order to ensure that the company's profit was not compromised, many car rental companies require a minimum time, Weihai, a car rental company is minimum rental time for 10 days.

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