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Correct use and maintenance of all models the skylight

Now with high models have sunroof, car rental company car is also relevant, of course, also bought a number of models equipped with sunroof, it adds a lot of joy to people's lives and convenience, but a lot of people don't know the Louvre there are correct ways of using, and also need maintenance. Here to talk about the proper use of the Louvre, and maintenance tips. 1. best not to completely open a window on the bumpy roads that might otherwise skylights and rail deformation caused by the excessive vibration-related parts or damage motor. 2. before you open the sunroof, panelled sides, lest sunroof motor overload and fail. 3. winter rain and snow weather sunroof easy ice, seals are likely to freeze hard, if open at once, easy to make rubber seal cracks if skylights are frozen, the motor will damage due to excessive load. The right way should be on the train to turn the heat and ice melting on the skylights and open again. 4. When you wash your car with water cannon, water should not be targeted directly to seal, it not only easy to seal deformation under strong pressure in a high pressure water jet and the car into the water, and can damage the seals. 5. the skylight of the four corners there are four draining tanks drain water to the outside. If the drainage channels clogged with leaves, the cumulative effect of the dust or water than designed displacement of drainage channels, there will be a water overflow, resulting in roof leakage and serious leak occurs. Skylight parts slide parts, relatively vulnerable to water infiltration and aging, periodically clean the drain. 6. Sandy weather, best orbit of skylights per month for a cleanup, avoid excessive sand accumulating in orbit, increasing the friction, wear and tear parts. 7. skylights each 3 months should for once big cleaning and be lubrication, will skylights all open, put inside of impurities cleanup clean, then smear Shang little oil, will skylights opening and closing times, makes track can get full of lubrication, here to note of is, not with butter, cream-like lubricants, because cream-like lubricants Shang easy sticky live small sand, will accelerated track of wear. Then clean all dirty motor oil and smear a small amount of clean oil once again, be sure to pay attention to the amount of, provided that it can be stained with oil on the track. Finally, seals and other rubber parts can also apply a small amount of talcum powder, can prolong life. BACK

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