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Car rental details can not be ignored

To see the contract rate
Personal car rental procedures are not complicated, typically with a valid real-world identity, local accounts (or local sponsor accounts), driver's license, as well as security deposit. But reporters learned from the major car rental companies, in order to simplify the rental procedures, customer convenience, these companies take the form of credit card, customers using their own or sponsor a valid credit card and the credit limit, and provides identity card, driver's license can rent in a short time.
"However, charges need to be clear in advance, the most prone to dispute, the contract will clear charges, including day, overtime pay and extra mileage charges, an accident, there are also some specific costs. "MasterCard car rental companies in Fuzhou General Nguyen said.
Select the regular company in order to avoid an accident claim being refused
First of all, to figure out what car rental car are not formal, some informal rental car companies, leasing contract problems in itself, after an accident, the insurance company will "car rental company is incomplete," and rejected claims, therefore, advised consumers to choose the regular car rental company car rental.
Rental car be sure to check the good condition
In front of the car, be sure to check the condition of the vehicle. Regular car rentals and consumer handing over procedures. In addition to the appearance of the vehicle, outside the Interior, also check the condition of the vehicle, spare tire is intact, complete truck-tool, and so on.
After the prosecution clearly, it is best to test drive the rental car, familiar with the function keys in the car. After the car, carefully observe the variety of instruments and warning signals, paying particular attention to the speedometer and fuel gauge and engine temperature gauge, ammeter, oil pressure gauge and follow instructions. Low speed driving for some time, until you are fully aware of the vehicle's suspension, steering, braking and other characteristics of the writing system. After these are checked it carefully, and then fill out vehicle handover form.
If take all risks insurance check insurance cover
Car, many consumers tend to only care about the price level, which against the car insurance was not concerned, and to ignore a lot of details. Often customers because insurance and car rental companies to settle disputes. BACK

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