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Full-blown car rental

At the time of rental, there are many unexpected accidents occur. The losses caused by these accidents, car hire and car rental companies should have to carry. So, in this one, borne by the lessee's accident, what does?
1, the transfer of vehicles while others are used, accidents, loss of vehicle;
2, the vehicles allowed to use outside the scope of problems;
3, without the prior consent of the leasing company replace vehicle parts;
4, unattended vehicles parked in non-parking areas were lost;
5, due to illegal or irregular, vehicles are impounded;
Leased vehicles in use, if a traffic accident occurs, immediately notify the traffic control Department and leasing companies, rental companies will assist the user in the report to the insurance company within 24 hours, more than 24 hours, the insurance company shall not handle compensation arrangements. User needs to protect the scene of the accident, so that the traffic control Department and insurance companies dealing with incidents. User to leasing companies provide insurance companies with the necessary procedures. Upfront fees paid by the users, in front of the insurance company to pay, during the repair, vehicles are parked during the rent payments, paid repair bills and so on. Insurance company repair 80% back again within 3 months, customers have to bear a 20% vehicle losses borne by the users of the insurers is not compensable. BACK

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