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Some mountain water, sand, soil, driving skills

Mountain, road, water, sand, top driving skills of the four kinds of places you know? Below, our national car rental service center one by one to answer your questions.
Mountain driving: mountain road is characterized by a long, steep ramps, narrow roads and bends nasty, view is restricted. Should always pay attention to the road while driving, steering timing to be exact, shift quickly, but also to pay attention to traffic signs, in order to take measures in advance. On one side by side backers, cliffs or rivers near the steep precipice mountain road, should be kept at low speed, drive carefully. Turns should do it slow, sounding their horns.
Dirt track car: more dirt roads pothole gravel, a direct threat to traffic safety, especially on rainy days in the water and mud road driving, but also to hold throttle, speed, low pass. Slippery areas on the ground, do not add or subtract files or emergency braking. Select road-in through the soft, muddy, stagnant water when sections, should be first observed, judged the wheel does not sink into the soil, to hang down slowly by. If there is a track, the best along the rutted road. Downhill caution – sunny rain, downhill to select affordable, reduce the throttle slowly downhill, not gap was so slippery, especially some dirt roads on their way downhill sharply, slot car, prone to broaching when braking to overturn.
Ford car: cars wading capacity is poor. When depths greater than half the height of car tires, and should not be adventures wading. When wading, low speed gear should be so smooth sailing from the shore into the water, so as not to splash. In the drive to keep the engine has plenty of power, avoiding stop, shift or emergency wheel. Eyes to see a fixed target, not looking at water, so as not to disturb the vision, makes mistakes. On shore, low speed driving part of the way, and rides the brake pedal a few times, brake shoes and brake friction drums, the attachment of water vaporized, braking efficiency is restored, then turn to normal traffic.
Sand driving: when through the soft sand, do not stop, be sure to maintain uniform rotation of the wheel. Otherwise, once the car stops, it will be difficult to start again. When there is a sand in front must be accelerated in advance until after all through the only oil. At the time through the sand, sometimes met with a strong resistance of the wheel, it is because the sand is too soft, at this point, the speed will significantly slow down, don't panic, step on the accelerator, trying to improve speed. In the sand, do not burst of power, because it might lead to a drive wheel spin, the car lost power forward into the sand. BACK

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