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Car rental self drive holiday some mistaken ideas

You have rented a car? So, following some misunderstandings you have met before? If not, then please keep in mind the following say mistakes never stuck.
1, far stronger light at night driving safer; errors, bigger the angle of the light security, lights up as high as possible on the more dangerous.
2, often using the throttle on the engine bad; errors, often in the engine speed in gear more than 4000 not only harmless, and the engine has some benefits, often neutral throttle at high speed until the engine is very bad for a long time.
3, a customary step on the way of clutches are less trouble; errors, habitual bad clutch is not only on the machine, but will give me more trouble, more important is not safe.
4, when central locking locks is a safe way to die; errors, this is an extremely dangerous way, cars in the event of accident, will not open the door, thus risk further. To avoid thieves snatch items from cars, best when stuck in traffic or at traffic lights, and then the central door locking.
5, used to tighten the hand brake after parking; errors, uneven ground not only to pull the hand brake after parking also hang on the gear, this is the best way to prevent decline due to uneven.
6, one-way traffic if it is dual channel, dashed the most security errors, the most prone to accidents, because both vehicles before and after can not determine your intention.
7, when turning at high speed one side clutch brake safe; errors, do not step on the clutch, in any case, clutch drive will increase the car's inertia, should lower the gear and then stepped on the brakes.
8, cars equipped with ABS system is designed to shorten the braking distance error and greatest advantage of ABS is not to shorten the braking distance, but rather to prevent wheel lock, so even if exceptional circumstances will brake to death, the steering wheel can also control the car's direction, learn emergency brake buffer after this period of braking distance is the key to understanding ABS.
9, meet other unskilled driving horn or headlights or the offender should prompt his errors should stay away from him as soon as possible, horn or headlights hints he will only add to the tension, make him more difficult to control the car.
Turn 10, or when the road to look at mirrors; errors, you should turn to look at the back of the car to look at mirrors, because sometimes mirrors adjust well there will be dead, moreover, turned on the lamp so close to its own vehicles after increasing speed up or slow down the rate, only judging from the reflector does not fully correct.
11, while driving to a concert distract motorists attention; errors, good audio facilities and their favorite music to further inhibit the mental state of fatigue, further adjustments to the better state of mind.
12, and drive driving Shi only note keep before and after vehicles of distance; errors, except keep and before and after of security distance outside, also should as avoid and left of vehicles keep tied driving, through speed overtaking or slowed speed to staggered tied driving who, tied driving of maximum harm is distracted, easy makes attention from ahead dispersed to around, on beginner driving who more easy caused tension disturbed of mood.
13, and will driving seat adjustable have more near steering wheel more has security; errors, this is psychological role, more near steering wheel more easy increased tension mood, in not effect feet hand control of situation Xia, driving seat more away from steering wheel more good, a is driving Shi of Visual more general, around eye of corner see of will more, II is seat by steering wheel too near, must curled up with leg driving, long time easy fatigue, three is appeared emergency situation body and car of control Taiwan, and steering wheel buffer of room big, safety high.
14, in addition to the window and mirror position without putting a solar film, but in other places large area put Sun film does not affect the driving; errors, driver's line of sight is not just the front, side and rear also needs regular, affect the eye increases the level of risk.
15, high speed wheel whilst suddenly close to the water surface was dangerous; errors, if dangerous blind hit the brake, this control steering wheel brakes are more important and much more secure.
16, slick pavement should learn how to use ACE brake and foot brake to control the car; errors, you should learn to use better gear to control the car.
17, when neutral fuel; errors, no scientific basis, off road fuel, but also unsafe.
18, used to fast driving skills; errors, driving good driving in the process accurate and decisive, and the worst may be taken into account.
19, speed overtaking first observed and judged in front of oncoming vehicles; errors, first running behind of observation and judgment in determining back there is no traffic to the case of his observation and judgement in front of.
20, front and rear fog lights on in the evening safer errors are more dangerous, especially white beam front fog lamps are very strong, affecting the opposite side of the road vehicles will also affect their own security. Only encountered bad weather, any time of day or night can use fog lights. BACK

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