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How to recovery for gasoline use

Now gasoline prices are very expensive, many car owners are calling for gasoline prices, but from 08 to now only oil prices do not decline, it makes a lot of car owners are helpless, except to drive less, it really is no other way. Today we take a look at Hanyu car rental company to introduce gas recovery techniques used, so many riders want to know things, today we witness miracles, see details below.
At present, most of the regions in the use of ethanol gasoline in China. As long as qualified according to the marking use ethanol gasoline, will not have adverse effects on the vehicle. But attention is required, due to the ethanol in gasoline, ethanol can be miscible with water, so best to use ethanol gasoline for the first time to thoroughly clean the tank, remove sediment at the bottom of the tank water and impurities. Often use poor quality petrol, some impurities attached to the tubing in the oil, the oil system cleaning effect of ethanol gasoline on the vehicles, then maybe cleaning impurities, blocked fuel injectors, resulting in bad condition. So, if you want to use ethanol gasoline, will buy for this car in advance using the gasoline additive, used ethanol petrol additives in the fuel tank, you can effectively remove impurities in the fuel tank.
And filtering "dirty oil" stocking on the grease gun. In some less developed regions, while using regular gas, but some gas stations, the oil was enough to make people uncomfortable. "Dirty oil" refers to the containing colloidal more gasoline, adding that petrol is extremely vulnerable to fuel filter plug, injector clogging and poor atomization phenomenon, long and easy form in the valves and combustion chamber carbon, resulting in engine is not working properly. So before the holiday, best gas in cars fitted with a standby oil, one gas station is not found on the highway emergency response or in the unlikely event that added to the "dirty oil" when replacing fuel filter, out of "dirty oil" replace the spare oil.
Second, in addition, it is best to buy a petrol filter funnel, filter impurities in the refueling, if not the fuel filter funnel on two pairs of stockings in the car, once the last resort must in some underdeveloped traffic when refueling, the stockings on the oil gun (at least two) can effectively filter impurities. However, we recommend passing on the best choices in these areas CNPC or Sinopec proprietary gas station.
These methods are all our car rental companies a long time to accumulate experience and want to help, of course, is absolutely not necessary to rent a friend to consider these, then for all drivers, it is a "secret" will make your energy-saving a lot of time, but also allows you to save a lot of money, detailed information can be detailed consultation to our company. BACK

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