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Car rental during what are tire damage

Common problems of car rental what are tire damage in the process? During accidents or rent a flat tire, apparently scratched and cannot be repair, tire side bag in normal use; tire rims, wheel deformation, damage, as a standard tire damage.
1.  tyre in vehicle accident damage, tire damage due to accident, after the insurance the insurance company based on responsibility for the accident and loss of pay. Such as tires were identified as insurance claims project, the customer may not bear the damages of tires;
2.  tire during the rental period a flat tire, drum kits, or is damaged and cannot be repaired, inform the store customers and replace the spare tire, the stores agreed to maintenance replacement and the original tires on the same model, same brand, same material for tires. Clearing store discount tire during part of the depreciation cost, replacement tires at customers expense.
3.  tire, when a flat tire, docked safely do a preliminary check of the vehicle, see if the tire was stabbed into the nail hard objects or sharp cuts, check again because of valve caused a flat tire. Telephone stores, in stores under the guidance of a spare tire was replaced, to the nearest repair shop a tire, the 10--20 tire repair costs borne by the extreme store; key reminder: when you found a flat tire, do not continue to drive a vehicle, so as to avoid tire, wheel or rim damage.
4.  insufficient air pressure insufficient tire pressure and check to make sure no leakage phenomenon, phone stores and with the consent agreement, slowly drove to the depot inflatable, the costs borne by the exclusive stores of 5--10;
5.  wheel cover off, driving wheel cover fall off, in the case of safety back wheel cover will fall off the wheel cover into the car trunk, after telephone stores, confirmed safe to continue driving the use of vehicles.
In order to clarify responsibilities, let the car rental process, there is a detailed standard, we provide Shanghai Hanyu car rental companies in the process of enacting relevant car rental car tire damage and the related responsibility for setting standards, our series of accidents occur during car rental rules. BACK

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